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Northeast Hearing Healthcare Inc.
591 East River Rd.
New Glasgow, NS, B2H 3R8
(Across from Aberdeen Business Centre)

Phone: 902-752-5200
Fax: 902-755-1102

Proudly Serving New Glasgow and Surrounding Area
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Let Northeast Hearing Healthcare Help You Hear Again

At Northeast Hearing Healthcare Inc., we know that hearing is about more than sound alone. It’s about quality of life.

Courteous Care

You can be certain that you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and care when you visit Northeast Hearing Healthcare. Here you’ll find a warm environment with a professional who understand your situation.

We Tell You What’s Wrong

Our full-time audiologist and owner Christine J. Dickson – who was raised right here in the area -- will first test your hearing using cutting-edge technology. Next, she’ll explain your test results to you, thoroughly but also in understandable terms.

Learn About Hearing Loss

If you or someone you care about is suffering from hearing loss or ringing in the ears, explore this website to learn more about current hearing aid technology and any financial assistance for which you might be eligible.

Call Us!

And then give us a call at Northeast Hearing Healthcare. We’re eager to help you.


At Northeast Hearing Healthcare, our specialties are:

 • Hearing Testing
 • Hearing Aid/Battery Sales
 • Hearing Aid Repair/Maintenance